Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture

Since its establishment in July 2007, the “Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture” has been committed to promoting our built environment as well as artistic and creative education and work.

The subject areas of our commitment are education, teaching and research into future topics of urban development and green architecture, innovative building concepts, nature and landscape development, the preservation of creation and future projects in the context of structural change at the Hambach open-cast mine in the Rhenish district.

We are particularly interested in projects that have so far attracted little attention due to their period of origin, genre or positioning in relation to their creators.


In addition to preserving our architectural heritage, our aim is to promote young, not yet established talents.«

Prof. Ulrich Findeisen

Dipl.-Ing. Architect BDA, Stifter


The Penthouse of the Findeisen Foundation


The PENTHOUSE of the Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture, on Ubierring in the heart of Cologne’s southern district, is the Foundation’s central location for the work of the board of directors, the board of trustees and the Foundation’s guests and partners who work in academia.

The Foundation’s PENTHOUSE offers a wide range of opportunities to communicate its mission of promoting art and building culture as well as education, research and teaching in the public sphere.

Penthouse der Stiftung Findeisen Hausansicht
Forum der Stiftung für Kunst und Baukultur Britta und Ulrich Findeisen
Forum der Stiftung

The FORUM of the Foundation FINDEISEN

INSPIRATOR for future Projects

The Foundation’s FORUM is located in a listed industrial building in a prime inner-city location near Friesenplatz in Cologne and brings together students, experts, thinkers, visionaries and practitioners from science, architecture, art and culture, business and politics to exchange ideas, discuss solutions and develop innovative concepts for future challenges.

Accessible via a courtyard passage, there are versatile areas together with an archive and library, where selected university projects, master shows or architecture-related events take place in cooperation with renowned national and international partners such as the NRW Chamber of Architects (AKNW) or the Bicycle Architecture Biennale in analog and digital formats.

CUBITY Atelierhaus

The Cubity Atelier House of the Foundation Findeisen

Temporary Research and Living

The CUBITY Atelier House has created an extraordinary space for research, teaching, education and events on future topics in urban and landscape planning as well as regional plan development as part of the structural change in the Rhenish district.

The location of the futuristic building in the middle of Merzenich and directly on the Hambach open-cast mine foreland (Dueren district, NRW) offers the best conditions for young people and the project-involved partners as an inspirer for future projects in their project and study work.

The Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture acquired the building developed by the TU Darmstadt in 2014. In the CUBITY Atelier House, people from all over the world are to temporarily research and reside around the themes of architecture, urban development, nature, and landscape development within the context of structural change at the Hambach opencast mine.

Cubity Atelierhaus bei Nacht
Musikschule Löhne
Musikschule Löhne

The Music School of the City LOEHNE

Promoting the musical skills of children, adolescents and adults

The new building of the Loehne City Music School, which forms the central structure within the urban development area “Neue Mitte Loehne,” was taken over by the employees, music teachers, and students of the music school after a construction period of one and a half years, following the ceremonial handover by the Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture, on February 17, 2011. The building has a usable area of 895 m² and a gross floor area of 1,557 m². It forms the cultural focal point in the context of the Werretal Hall, adult education center, youth art school, cultural office and municipal library. Two sculptures, a pausanist and a dancer by renowned artists Susanne Wehland and Prof. Joachim Schmettau, complement the design on Britta-und-Ulrich-Findeisen-Square. The architect BDA & urban planner Prof. Ulrich Findeisen has been an honorary citizen of the city of Loehne since 2014 for his services to the construction of the new music school in Loehne. The open space in front of the building has been called Findeisen-Square since May 2014.


Against the backdrop of growing urban areas and the dynamic challenges of our time, we urgently need new concepts for living, working, and mobility in urban spaces. After all, what good are yesterday’s solutions for tomorrow’s problems?«

Nikolaus Zumbusch

Spokesman of the Foundation

Photo Credit

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