The Cubity Atelier HOUSE of the Findeisen Foundation

Temporary research and living

The CUBITY Atelier House is an extraordinary space for education, teaching, and research, inviting practical work on future-oriented topics for structural change in the Rhenish mining district.

Located in Merzenich (Düren district, North Rhine-Westphalia), directly on the outskirts of the Hambach open pit mine, it offers particularly young students optimal conditions for their project and study work in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and landscape planning.

»“Here, students are provided a space for the academic development of their ideas. The CUBITY is architecture for architecture; a space for spaces. An idea for ideas.”«

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schmale

Architect BDA, Chairman of the board of the Foundation


A futuristic building as inspiration for future projects: The CUBITY Atelier House with its new utilization concept is used as a pioneering place for education, teaching and research. People from all over the world can temporarily research and live in the newly built studio house on the topics of architecture, urban planning, nature and landscape development as part of the structural change at the Hambach open-cast mine.

The square floor plan of 16 x 16 meters is enclosed with 8-meter-high translucent polycarbonate panels, taking the shape of a halved cube. This “Cube” features rows of windows at the corners and a central roof hatch that allows for automatic air circulation, ensuring pleasant indoor temperatures.

Wohnen, Forschen und Studieren im CUBITY-Atelierhaus
Tag der Architektur 2023 Das CUBITY Atelierhaus begeistert zahlreiche Architekturinteressierte-gallery 17

Are you interested in using the CUBITY Atelier House?

Are you involved in teaching or project development and would like to use the CUBITY temporarily as a residence and study location? Or would you like to use the CUBITY for events related to the topics of the Hambach open pit mine, Hambach Forest, or the transformation of Alt-Morschenich into the “Place of the Future”?

Submit your application now for the use of the CUBITY Atelier House to the Foundation for Art and Building Culture. Our scientific staff member Sharon Nathan will be pleased to advise you on your concerns.



Milestones of the CUBITY.
From the idea to the Atelier House in Merzenich.

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Jul 05 2024

Architecture Workshop “Reclaiming Merzenich” by Cologne University of Applied Sciences at CUBITY

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Students Develop Concepts for the Revitalization of Merzenich and Bürgewald at CUBITY

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„Bridging the Gap – Unifying People and Planet“

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Mar 01 2024

The CUBITY receives the award “Exemplary Buildings in the State of Hesse 2020”

The CUBITY receives the “Exemplary Buildings in the State of Hesse 2020” award. Following the recognition in 2022, the...
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Dec 19 2023

Signing of the Letter of Intent (LOI) for the revitalization of the Morschenich-Alt site in CUBITY

On 7 December 2023, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Digitalization of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia,...


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CUBITY Atelierhaus

»“With the creation of this extraordinary building dedicated to education, teaching, and research on future-oriented topics in urban and landscape planning and regional development, we achieve significant advantages in Merzenich. This initiative is part of the structural transformation in the Rhenish mining district, benefiting young people and project participants alike.”«

Georg Gelhausen

Mayor of the Municipality of Merzenich

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Cubity Atelier House Side View: TU Darmstadt, CUBITY – Plus Energy + Modular Future Student Living;
Cubity Atelier House Corner View: TU Darmstadt, CUBITY – Plus Energy + Modular Future Student Living, Location Frankfurt am Main
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