Focus on research and teaching

The Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture is delighted to welcome Sharon Nathan to its team as a new research assistant. Sharon will complete his Master’s degree in Art History and German Studies at the University of Cologne at the end of 2023. He will be working for the Findeisen Foundation from November 2023 and will be in charge of the CUBITY Atelier House in Merzenich, among other things.

In Cologne, he first worked in the Department of Architectural History under Prof. Norbert Nussbaum and then as a research assistant at the Global South Study Center (GSSC). He spent one year of his academic career at Williams College (MA, USA), where he studied in the Graduate Art Program of the Art History Department and taught as an adjunct lecturer in the German Department. For several years he supported the MiQua (LVR-Juedisches Museum im Archaeologischen Quartier Koeln) and transferred the exhibition 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany to Tel Aviv as editorial director. Several scholarships gave Mr. Nathan the opportunity to attend both UC Berkeley and the University of Arizona and to gain experience in American teaching.

Sharon Nathan moderates the event “Decoloniality and Academic Freedom” of the Global South Study Center at the University of Cologne. In reading order: Michael Kleinod, Sharon Nathan, Prof. Susanne Brandtstaedter (Ethnology), Prof. Christian von Coelln (Constitutional, Administrative, Academic and Media Law), Prof. Katajun Amirpur (Languages and Cultures of the Islamic World), Sanami Hotse.

His master’s thesis, “Home as an architectural theme for refugee accommodation – the central accommodation facility (ZUE) on Stresemannallee in Neuss,” examines the architectural-historical and sociological qualities of refugee accommodation. Born in Siegburg, he is currently deepening his research in preparation for a doctorate, in which he is investigating the development of building culture in the context of flight in Germany from the post-war period onwards.

Photo: Schmale Architects (2020) The whole world under one roof – the central accommodation facility (ZUE) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Neuss.

The architecture developed by TU Darmstadt provides students and researchers with several workplaces with overnight accommodation for temporary research and living in order to develop innovative architectural projects together. The forward-looking idea behind the CUBITY Atelier House promises exciting developments in the Rhenish district.

Within our foundation, Sharon Nathan will be responsible for the CUBITY Atelier House in Merzenich as a research assistant. With the CUBITY Atelier House, the Findeisen Foundation has created an extraordinary space for education, teaching and research on future topics of urban and landscape planning as well as regional plan development in the context of structural change in the Rhenish district. The Executive Board, the Board of Trustees and the employees of the Findeisen Foundation are looking forward to working with Sharon Nathan and are excited about the impetus he will bring to the projects and the team.