Merzenich: Topping-out ceremony for CUBITY Atelier House
Festive gathering at Poolplatz

On September 21, 2022, the birthday of the founder Prof. Ulrich Findeisen (+), the official topping-out ceremony of the CUBITY Atelier House was celebrated. The event was opened with a welcome from the builder Markus Schmale, Chairman of the Board of the Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture. Ina Scharrenbach, MdL, Minister for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Digitization of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Georg Gelhausen, Mayor of the municipality of Merzenich and Jens Broeker, District Administration of Dueren, also attended the special event at the centrally located Poolplatz in Merzenich, district of Dueren.

Richtspruch von Dachdeckermeister Sakir Kilic, CUBITY Atelierhauses.

Topping-out speech by master roofer Sakir Kilic, CUBITY Atelier House. © Findeisen Foundation

The Foundation acquired the multi-award-winning building developed by TU Darmstadt last year and organized its relocation from Frankfurt to Merzenich in the spring. The relocation and construction of CUBITY have been completed and work on the interior and exterior is progressing according to plan.

“A unique opportunity for Merzenich”

Around 70 invited guests came to the topping-out ceremony for the CUBITY Atelier House on Poolplatz on Wednesday to take a look at the cube-like building. “It means a great deal to us that you have all come here today to celebrate the topping-out ceremony with us,” said Markus Schmale, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, welcoming the visitors. “We are also particularly pleased that Minister Ina Scharrenbach is here.” The reconstruction of CUBITY at Poolplatz in Merzenich began in May of this year. Minister Ina Scharrenbach is also convinced by the concept of the CUBITY Atelier House. “It is a unique opportunity that this prestigious building is now here in Merzenich,” says Ina Scharrenbach. “We are building for future generations and creating a center of attraction for students from all over the world.”

Minister Ina Scharrenbach praises the concept of the CUBITY Atelier House. © Findeisen Foundation

Sustainable use of resources

The fact that the Atelier House focuses on the sustainable use of resources is demonstrated by the construction of the building – around 95 percent of all building components were transported from Frankfurt to Merzenich and rebuilt after the building was purchased by the Findeisen Foundation.

The construction work was carried out under the premise of #climate-neutral and #sustainable – when dismantling the solar, sanitary and electrical systems, measuring devices, sensors, floor elements, furnishings and other trades, as many materials as possible were retained and reused for the construction in Merzenich. “Our foundation pursues a holistic sustainability strategy and sustainable action is non-negotiable in such projects,” emphasized Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schmale, architect BDA, in his welcoming speech. Only the materials that cannot be reused are sent for recycling.

Georg Gelhausen, Mayor of the municipality of Merzenich, also sees the CUBITY Atelier House as an opportunity to positively influence the cityscape and culture of Merzenich. “The building symbolizes the sustainable use of resources and at the same time creates new space for contact opportunities,” says Gelhausen, praising the project. After the inauguration ceremony with sparkling wine and a tree by the roofer, the CUBITY Atelier House was opened to the invited guests for a tour and exploration. Here too, much praise was expressed for the conception and implementation of the Atelier House.

The invited guests visit the CUBITY Atelier House. © Findeisen Foundation

Constant focus on the future

In addition to large posters on the interior walls of CUBITY providing information about the building, Prof. Dipl.-Ing., M. Arch., Architect BDA Anett-Maud Joppien from TU Darmstadt gave a greeting to the visitors in a video message via the screens set up inside CUBITY. “Even in difficult times, there are good projects, like the CUBITY Atelier House,” summarized Markus Schmale. “We always focus our actions on a positively shaped future.”